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Cool Concepts – TrackR Bravo

Specialty leasing is a perfect job for me.  I have such horrible ADHD.  And I’m not talking about the kind people casually throw around as an excuse.  I have it bad and I always have.  It means I end up knowing a little bit about everything and I am really interested in lots of things all at once.  It also means I’m constantly losing my keys.

When I was in college, I came home to Texas for Christmas.  When I flew back to Salt Lake, I didn’t realize I had packed everything I brought with me… except for one teensy weensy little important item – my car keys.

I landed in SLC, took the parking lot shuttle to my car, dropped my luggage, and then…. you know those moments in movies where the main character has a sudden horrifying realization and the camera does this sort of weird zoom in and zoom out thing at the same time like this (fun fact – it’s called a dolly zoom or vertigo zoom)?


Anyway, that’s pretty much the exact face I made.  I ended up camping out in the SLC parking lot for 2 days living off of terrible airport food, waiting for a locksmith to come make a new key for my car.

What would have saved me a world of trouble at the time was this awesome little thing – the TrackR Bravo.  It’s a keychain that communicates with your phone via an app.  If you’ve lost your keys, you can ping them with your phone.  Your phone will even tell you how close you are to your keys.

I can hear you now screaming, “Okay, cool.  But what if I lose my PHONE?” That’s a good question, because I’ve lost that plenty of times too.  Well, if you at least have your keys, you can have your phone start ringing so you can find it.  Even if you’ve left it on silent.  Pretty nifty.  So if you lose your keys AND your phone, what then?  Well… just stop being a dummy.

I’ve been reaching out to TrackR to see what their retail plans are, but this would be PERFECT for specialty leasing.  Watch this info video to see just how cool this little device is and how badly I need it.